Insurance Advisor Analytics App

A startup wanted to create a suite of integrated apps that help people find insurance advisors, buy the right products, save their documents on a digi locker, get reminded about insurance premiums and manage their insurance claims. They also wanted detailed analytics for advisors to insightfully engage with their customers – based on their changing life stages & lifestyle needs.

User personas:
Insurance providers, Insurance advisors, Insurance buyers, Platform administrators

User journeys:

Advisor registration, Upload my customer data, See upcoming life events of my customers, Remind me of my customer’s bdays & anniversaries, See how insurance advisors across the country are selling, See my sales focus, Find what to sell whom, Customers can manage their insurance claims, digi-lockers & can get reminders on when to renew

Scalable, secure web application & mobile apps (Android, iOS) to attract beta users, MEAN stack, High-scale architecture, Modular architecture, Security compliances, Performance optimization

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