Online Investment Advisory & Spend Management

A startup wanted to create an online directory for financial advisors in the country, enable investors to analyze their investment needs, find the right advisors based on reviews & book an appointment with them. They also wanted the platform to be designed for high scale, interoperability (between banks/credit card companies), secure transactions & high speed.

User personas:
Investors, Financial advisors, Platform administrators, Perfios (Bank statement analysis API provider)

User journeys:

Need analyzer (input my risk tolerance & see my options), Spend analyzer (review bank statements & see savings opportunity, Integration with Perfios APIs for bank statement analysis, Financial advisor listing, Scheduling appointment, Investor account & history, Admin dashboards & controls for listing management.

Scalable, secure web application & mobile apps (Android, iOS) to attract beta users, MEAN stack, High-scale architecture, Modular architecture, Security compliances, Performance optimization

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