Precision Farming & Demand Aware Supply

An agri-tech funded venture, wanted to enable precision farming & intelligent demand-aware supply to ensure farmers grow what people prefer consuming. They needed design & development of an integrated suite of apps for farmers, agronomists, administrators & demand-side / ops users responding to retailer needs.

User personas:
Farmers, Agronomists, Harvest collection & delivery guys, Administrators

User journeys:

Farmers update daily progress of crops, harvest readiness & yield quantities, signal collection, weigh/deliver harvested crops & see rejections, Maintain a track record of income earned, crop-rejection reasons, agronomists’ recommendations to implement for maximizing yields. Agnomists see farmers assigned to them, see upcoming crops, see progress, add action items & do farm visits. Administrators review overall platfrom activity, KPIs & understand what to do to minimize wastages & maximize profits.

Scalable, secure android application for farmers & agronomists, web app for admins, Integration with Tally for farmer income data, Reactnative apps, MEAN stack, High-scale architecture, Modular architecture, Security compliances, Performance optimization

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