Smart Mask For Pain Relief & Sleep

A wearable company wanted to develop a tablet app that paired with their smart mask, to receive sensed data of the patient & analyse it for altering the therapy the device delivered (based on the inferences from the data). They wanted the app to enable patients to log their state of being – before and after the therapy so the device could be trial-ed to a 100 chronic pain patients – facing difficulty in falling asleep. The device uses “flow state technology” to deliver therapeutic waves into the patient’s head – inorder to bring pain relief & induce sleep.

User personas:
Patients, Clinics, Wearable company admin

User journeys:

Start & end therapy, log pre-state data, log post-state data, log my medications, see history & my sleep patterns, see daa sensed by the devide (heartrate, REM/Deep sleep state etc). Admins can manage the patient questionnaire to obtain results useful for clinical trial outcome presentation.

Scalable, secure android application for patients, reports for admins, Integration with device’s firmware, Security compliances, Performance optimization

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