Online Infertility Diagnosis & Consultation Booking

Cloudnine chain of hospitals wanted to create an interactive, user-friendly website to help the infertility clinics connect and engage better with their target audience. They wanted holistic design-thinking to understand patients’ psyche at their clinics, what research they’re comfortable doing online by themselves and what interactions will help them open up about sensitive topics like infertility or surrogate mother. The client needed a mobile-first design approach to cater to their audience.

User personas:
Infertility treatment seekers, couples, IVF seekers, surrogate mothers, Infertility doctors/specialists, Cloudnine hospital administrators

User journeys:

Find information about my current condition, understand possible solutions and roadmaps, Know what not to do when going for artifical methods of conception, Know risks of genetic mods, Book consultations, Start a treatment


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