Online Social Network For Research Scientists

A Research scientist and an independent inventor from ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) wanted to create an online platform for research scientists to publish papers/journals and gain visibility and citations to their work. They wanted a social networking platform (which is an exclusive private club) and enables scientists to share their research papers and citations. The platform had all the features similar to LinkedIn, including newsfeed (algorithmic display of content based on most engaged, most recent & popular in my circles), profile view & invitation to connect. The client wanted this to be a scalable platform so this can be used by colleges or government organizations or various research organizations.

User personas:
Research scientists, Platform administrators

User journeys:

Register, Publish my papers, Follow fellow scientists, Hashtag / Keyword based recommendations using Microsoft’s cognitive services, Comment / recognize papers, Bookmark, Upload, Start forum discussions, React to others’ posts.

Customized Feed algorithms, Activity listeners & recommendation engines. Microsoft cognitive APIs. MEAN Stack

Project Date

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