Online Education Platform

An education provider wanted to digitize K12 education and create an adaptive learning platform for children (grades 8,9,10 to start with). They also wanted to create a software for schools & teachers, to be able to better deliver education in close feedback loops with the learner’s performance and parent’s feedback.

User personas:
Students, Parents, Teachers, Schools, Education provider, Mentors (ex top-rankers)

User journeys:

Bloom’s taxonomy to deliver instructions, Adaptive learning, Video tutorials, Mock exams, Practice tests, Doubts resolution, Take challenges (binge-learn), See leaderboard & earn badges, Admin to manage content / question banks / videos / solutions / practice activities. Admin to monitor overall platform activity.

Bloom’s taxonomy that suggests – instruction led learning involving understanding, analysys, application, reflection, recall & practice. MERN stack, Serverless, Scalable SaaS architecture, Modular architecture. Web, Android, iOS.

Project Date
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