Online Timesheet & Attendance Tracking System

An enterprise time tracking company based out of Zurich – wanted to create a high-performing, highly scalable enterprise SaaS product enabling businesses to track employee’s worktime & overtime, daily check-ins & check-outs so the system can compensate employees accordingly. The app allows employees to easily manage daily activities via the mobile app which automatically syncs with the employers’ dashboard. The app also has extensive features for vacation management, public holidays & managing overtimes, and changing their work contracts.

User personas:
Employees, Employers (small business owners), Product admins

User journeys:

Daily check-ins, check-outs, vacation planning, activity status updates, expenses reimbursement, work-contract changes, over-time tracking and bonus calculations. Calculations of available vacation balance, dynamic tallying of variable pay and reporting.

ReactNative, Firebase, AngularJS, Laravel, Mobile, Web

Project Date

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