Peer To Peer Ride Sharing App

A startup wanted to create an online bike-ride sharing platform, so anyone with an empty pillion seat can give someone a ride & earn for the ride. The client also needed admin dashboards & reports, to compute revenue per mile and comply with p2p services / income tax policies.

User personas:
Bike riders, passengers, platform adminstrators, super administrator

User journeys:

Find a rider near me, Find ride routes available, Book a ride, Pay for the ride, List myself as a rider, Offer a ride, See my income, Admin to monitor overall platform activity & KPIs. The platform was later extended to enable door deliveries.

Scalable, secure android application for riders & passengers, web app for admins, MEAN stack, High-scale architecture, Modular architecture, Route-optimization algorithms, Combinatorial optimization, Security compliances, Performance optimization

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