India’s First Campervan Booking & Trip Builder App

A startup venture wanted to create an online web application for renting campervans (caravan holiday packages) & designing custom trips with caravans. Custom trip design involved planning destinations, pit-stops & stays. They also wanted business / ops administrator controls & CMS – to manage vehicles, drivers and revenues.

User personas:
Travelers, Caravan drivers, Business team admins

User journeys:

Browse through pre-designed campervan holidays & book them, Create my own trip (with 3-4 destinations) & book campervans and campsites for nightstay. Admins could manage bookings, payments coming in and assign vehicles/drivers for bookings, along with monitoring overall platform activity.

Scalable, secure web application for travelers, web app for admins, Integration with Razorpay & Whatsapp for notifications, MERN stack, High-scale architecture, Modular architecture, Security compliances, Performance optimization.

Project Date

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