IVR + AI Customer Service Bot

A paramedical services company in the US wanted to build an online taxi/ambulance booking service using IVR. As senior citizens who need healthcare, may not know how to operate a mobile app or may find it difficult to interact with text-based interfaces, the client wanted a voice-based service booking system – where the user just needs to press 1/2/3/4 to select options and everything about the user’s context (location, gender, age, disability) is detected automatically by the system. The client needed the IVR dialogue flow enabled with AI, and the service running on the cloud – so the IVR input can be directly integrated with the company’s CRM and backend fulfillment systems.

User personas:
Senior citizens, Company administrators

User journeys:

Register as a senior citizen, Book a service via IVR, Receive notifications about the arrival of the service, Give feedback about the service.

IVR + AI on the cloud, Twilio for IVR services, Amazon Lex for AI/ML on the cloud realtime, MEAN stack web app for seamless integration with the IVR bot.

Project Date

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