Mobile Game For Pilot Fatigue Test

A European airline wanted to create a gamified app for pilots to take a quick fatigue test, before flying, as a part of their health & safety compliance. The existing fatigue test was a paper-based form, pilots had to fill up – however, did not examine the reflex/attention/memory/reaction time which is critical for a pilot to safely do their job. The client wanted to digitize this test and gamify it – so the system can track the pilot’s attention levels, reflexes, reaction times & memory. The app also was integrated with analytics – so the airline could review pilots’ fatigue levels based on time of day, route, jet lag, etc.

User personas:
Pilots, Airlines

User journeys:

Pilots can take a gamified, fatigue test – to qualify to fly.

Gamification, ReactNative, MERN Stack

Project Date

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