Real-time Energy Analytics App

A large energy corporation wanted to holistically design and develop a SaaS product for wind & solar farms, to enable continuous data sensing/gathering, real-time monitoring & analysis, dynamic visualization, and seamless workflow management (for actionability and issue resolution). The client needed to architect this product, to support drill-down views (macro-micro views), allow multiple user roles/hierarchies requiring different permissions/features to do their everyday responsibilities. The product also included real-time data visualizations reporting power generation efficiency & opportunities to optimize.

User personas:
Energy companies & CXOs, Regional/country heads, Wind/solar farm owners, Asset managers (Windmills & Solar panels), Asset technicians/engineers, Super admins

User journeys:

See dashboard data of total power generation from wind & solar farms, asset availability %, losses & downtimes, average incident resolution time, safety %, risk %, global level risks & farm level drill-downs, the overall impact of the incidents

IoT, Data collection, real-time monitoring apps

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